The Athena Safety Jewelry Sends Alerts When the Wearer is Under Threat

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: roarforgood & gizmag
Athena is a line of smart safety jewelry, developed by a startup called Roar, that is designed to keep women safe when under the threat of physical and other attacks. This discreet device is worn as a piece of jewelry and is capable of alerting loved ones to the wearer's whereabouts when they are under threat.

The Athena safety jewelry can be worn around the neck, attached to the waist or carried in a bag. It has a small magnetic clip and an activation button which, when pressed, sends a distress signal to emergency contacts through the user's phone and notifies them of the wearer's location.

The jewelry also produces a loud noise to scare off attackers. Ultimately, this is a piece of high-tech and intelligently designed jewelry that allows women to be as safe as possible without having to change their lifestyle.