VineRobot Checks on Grapes at the Vineyard

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: & gizmag
The VineRobot is a robot that, once completed, will be able to scuttle up and down rows of vines and check on the plants and their grapes. The robot is being developed via the European Union VineRobot project led by Spain's Universidad de La Rioja and involving partner groups from wine-making countries France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The solar-powered VibeRobot, currently in prototype stage, will be able to move autonomously on its four wheels and utilize stereoscopic machine vision and GPS to navigate its way around the vineyard. It will use technologies such as chlorophyll-based fluorescence sensing and infrared thermography to monitor various parameters such as grape composition, vegetative growth and soil moisture.

The robot will be faster and more accurate than humans, but also cheaper and more versatile than drones.