The Pan-Robots Project is Creating Improved Warehouse Robots

 - Apr 24, 2015
References: & gizmag
Pan-Robots is a project, led by the European Union, that is creating warehouse robots that are safer, faster and more efficient than current warehouse robots or manual operations. The technologies are being developed for the 'Factory-of-the-Future' or FoF. The current priority of the project is to incorporate advanced on-board cameras and laser scanners to help robots navigate warehouses using 3D maps, all under the watchful eye of a control center.

The key technology in the Pan-Robots venture is a stereo camera with fisheye lens. This produces 3D images and gives the robot 360-degree vision, getting rid of blind spots and prevent machines from running into people.

Warehouse work can be both boring as well as physically dangerous; this project will both help reduce hazard while also better utilizing human talents.