'LawnBott' Robotic Mowers Allow for Scheduled Lawn Maintenance

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: lawnbott & cnet
Consumers are integrating new and innovative types of technology inside the home, but as the connected home continues to expand, more home owners are looking for new ways to make their lifestyle technologically smarter; enter the 'LawnBott' Robotic Mowers to offer autonomous ways to take care of extended properties.

While other varieties on the market might apply a more basic style of cutting, 'LawnBott' Robotic Mowers are designed to sense rough patches or taller grass areas and cut accordingly to make it fit in with the rest of the lawn. The 'LawnBott' Robotic Mowers can be set to work within given parameters or simply set to roam the grounds uninterrupted.

When the job is done, the 'LawnBott' Robotic Mowers will automatically return to their base for charging and maintenance, if required.