Modular Interiors are Designed with the Help of Robot Assembly

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: asmbld & springwise
These reconfigurable interiors are possible thanks to robot assembly. Robots are already used to improve the efficiency of production in a number of other industries, most notably the automotive sector. The DOM Indoors project shows how architectural robotics can make a difference in the areas of homes and housing as well as style and design.

From New York-based company asmbld., the project DOM Indoors consists of a team of tiny robots that rearrange small modules in reconfigurable rooms in just minutes. The robots are stored beneath the floor boards when they are not in use. This allows people living there to maximize their space.

The system is installed in open spaces on top of existing flooring. Users can create a design for the room on a smartphone, which is then executed via robot assembly.