The Snowstorm is an Electronic Aircraft Designed to Fly One Person

 - Dec 5, 2015
References: & engadget
The Snowstorm is a personalized flight drone system designed to carry one passenger up in the air to a variety of height distances. The large-scale drone design creatively takes the concept of the handheld robot and super-sized it to be large enough to carry a person into the air.

A team of students from the National University of Singapore designed the Snowstorm for an engineering assignment based off of the premise of transforming flying cars of the future into a reality of today. The design features a gigantic drone that is still controlled by a remote. Thanks to its large size, the Snowstorm can fit a passenger in the centre of the design with large propellers throughout the upper section. The propellers are designed to spin fast enough to life the weight of the individual and put them up in the air.