RoboWorm Can Shimmy Through Tunnels to Scope Out Anything of Interest

The development of this recording caterpillar probe has great implications across many fields. Environmental research, mining, health and safety and seismological science sectors could be made much easier with this device. It can really get into the thick of the earth's more mysterious and difficult-to-access places.

Arman Emami designed the RoboWorm with inspiration from crawling insects. With a long, snake-like body that bends with an accordion structure, the appendage-less robot is able to wiggle its way into tight cracks and to pass over wet and unstable surfaces with ease that isn't possible for wheels or legs. Employing magnetic technology with its skeleton of pinching metal rings, this recording caterpillar probe can drive through canals and crevices in either direction, with its two heads capable of capturing video.