From Kid-Sized Disney Dolls to App-Controlled Smart Robots

 - Apr 11, 2015
These March 2015 toys range from kid-sized Disney dolls to app-controlled smart robots that can be used during play dates and study sessions. From tech-themed gaming concepts to modern versions of traditional toys, these products blend together fun and educational elements.

Because of kids' early exposure to technology, toy manufacturers are more keen on releasing app-enabled products now than ever before. In addition to smart robots and augmented reality toy apps, other standouts include Wi-Fi enabled Barbie dolls and kinetic spelling games that encourage physical activity as well as mental stimulation.

Moreover, traditional toys like building blocks are being enhanced thanks to VR technology. In the sustainable market, classic toys like kites are being promoted as both fun and eco-friendly products and will appeal to parents who make socially and environmentally conscious purchases.