The SmartChutes Parachute Systems Gives Drones a Safe Landing

 - May 1, 2015
References: smartchutes & gizmag
SmartChutes is a parachute system that you definitely don't want to use on your next skydive. Not because it's not a well-designed system -- it certainly is -- but because it's intended for use by drones, not humans.

While drones are growing in popularity, one big problem with them is that they can plummet to the ground if they lose power, causing damage to them and to any people or objects that happen to be in their plummet-path. That's why drone enthusiast and videographer Michael Pick developed SmartChutes.

The system deploys automatically using a built-in flight sensor that can detect if the drone is in free-fall or if it is tilted over by more than 90 degrees.

This parachute system is an exciting development in the drone space, which is exciting but still has plenty of room for improvement.