The 'SPRK Edition' is Designed to Make Coding More Accessible

 - Oct 29, 2015
References: sphero & sphero
Sphero's 'SPRK Edition' is a robotic toy that is designed to inspire children to explore the world of programming. As the technology industry continues to grow, there is a growing demand for workers with advanced programming skills. This educational toy is designed to help children learn to code, while also helping them sharpen their STEM and critical thinking skills.

The SPRK Edition is designed to operate in conjunction with the SPRK app. The app allows users to give their robot specific orders through the use of visual blocks that represent lines of code. The C-based language helps users see the connection between the commands that they create and the way that the robot responds. Although the toy is simple enough for children of all ages to use, it is sophisticated enough to present a challenge to seasoned programmers.

The idea behind the SPRK Edition is to foster a love of robotics, coding and STEM principles. By instilling these values at an early ages, Sphero hopes to inspire the inventors and innovators of tomorrow.