This Prototype Robot Can Build Houses Faster Than Human Workers

'Hadrian 105' is a prototype robot that can lay the brickwork for a house much faster than a human bricklayer. While a four-bedroom house would normally require about 42 days of brickwork, the Hadrian 105 can perform the same task in just two days.

Hadrian 105 is produced by the Australian company 'Fastbrick Robotics.' The prototype robot operates according to a series of sensors that help it to position the bricks and correct itself if it deviates from the correct course. The robot works from a design file to lay the bricks and then spray cement into the remaining gaps. The robot works from the ground up, meaning you can customize its actions to accommodate curved walls and corner areas.

While the robot has yet to build an entire house, the company is in the process of building a commercial machine that would be able to complete similar brickwork on a large scale.