From Water-Friendly Drones to Interactive Electronics Shops

 - Aug 4, 2015
The top August 2015 tech trends provide insight into a variety of consumer-facing innovations that seek to heighten the consumer entertainment experience as well as redefine everyday activities.

A new movie theater in Hilversum, the Netherlands is one of only a handful worldwide to feature the laser-powered Dolby Vision system. Considered the most technologically advanced theater in the world, the Hilversum Dolby Vision theater is powered by dual Christie laser projectors that offer incomparable image quality on-screen.

Meanwhile, smart steering wheels offer drowsiness-detecting capabilities that completely change the scope of driving safety risks. Smart steering wheels are just one example of high-tech, smart auto parts designed with improved safety in mind.

The top August 2015 tech trends can largely be divided into two categories; improving overall customer experience value and lessening threats to safety.