This Walking Machine Looks like a Mechanical Mystical Centaur

 - Jul 17, 2015
References: mymodernmet
American inventor Izzy Swan has created this unique walking machine that is powered by a drill. The walking machine looks like a mechanical centaur from a futuristic alternate universe.

Izzy Swan designed this walking aid so that a person can stand on a platform that is supported by a wheel. Behind this platform is the robotic legs that move like a centaur's hind legs would, but this machine uses a drill to provide power.

The mechanical looking legs are made of wood and it can support up to 370 pounds of weight. This unique transportation device is powered by an average 20-volt drill. The drill spins a wheel that in turn makes the legs project forward. It works in a similar way to a bicycle, but of course this drill-powered machine eliminates the manpower.