This Smart Steering Wheel Alerts Drivers When They're Drowsy

 - Jul 13, 2015
References: hoffmann-krippner & gizmag
Developed by German engineering firm Hoffman and Krippner in collaboratoin with Guttersberg Consulting, this smart steering wheel tracks drivers' grip in order to detect fatigue.

The technology is based on the observation that when people are alert while driving, they apply constant pressure to the wheel and move their hands along it whilst if they fall asleep, their pressure lessens and their hands don't move as much.

The device features a strip of sensors applied to the inside rim of the existing steering wheel. A microprocessor keeps track of the intensity and frequency of contact, and alerts drivers to regain focus and pull over if they are overly fatigued.

This smart steering wheel will help tackle the epidemic of distracted driving which claims far too many lives.