'Crayonpang' Adds Animation and Mobility to Each Colorful Drawing

 - Jul 20, 2015
References: crayonpang.net & kickstarter
This new colorful drawing tool works like an average coloring book, but when paired with the unique Crayonpang app, each drawing is brought to life on the screen. However, the coloring book and app will only bring the colored portion of the drawing to life. For example if there is an image of a horse and a stable but only the horse is colored, the stable will not appear in the Crayonpang app.

This project celebrates the desire for "groundbreaking fun" by giving life to two-dimensional creatures in a three-dimensional world. The playful app takes this creative pastime even further by giving each creature special abilities and powers. This feature creates a game that can be played between other Crayonpang users.

With the hopes of bringing this colorful drawing activity to kids and adults alike, the creators at 'KSEED' have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.