Patrick Priebe's Latest Invention Fires Rounds From Earplugs

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: laser-gadgets & gizmag
German cyberweapons hobbyist Patrick Priebe has created some marvelous and wacky things in his time and doesn't look to be slowing down, if this Fallout 4-inspired rifle is anything to go by. This one-off rifle is fueled by lighter fluid and shoots from earplugs.

The rifle is based on the form factor of a classic Henry repeating rifle and is largely crafted out of aluminum and brass. Other parts include a green aiming laser and a regular old cigarette lighter. When the trigger is squeezed, lighter fluid gas flows from the lighter into a transparent combustion chamber. When the trigger is pulled all the way, the fluid/air mix is ignited, causing an earplug to blast out of the barrel.

While this rifle thankfully isn't intended to harm or injure anyone, Patrick Priebe has shown yet again how passion, imagination and prowess can help give rise to some amazing toys.