The Programmable Modules in the Palette Gear are Physical and Digital Tools

 - Jul 24, 2015
References: palettegear & springwise
These programmable modules combine the analog and digital. The Palette Gear kits consist of modular tools people can physically interact with to create software in a way that might feel more natural, or at the very least, hands on. The pieces click together in a number of ways that might appeal to people who lean towards customization and way from so much screen time.

Palette Gear will be used especially by creatives -- designers, music producers, photographers, video editors and more. The programmable modules compose the kit, with one core unit and up to 18 different buttons, dials and sliders, which users can arrange in whatever layout pleases them. You also assign a function to every unit, which are hand-controlled but would affect some aspect of your digital editing.