The Thonet & Vander Kurbis Speaker Cuts No Corners

 - Jul 31, 2015
References: thonet-vander
The Kurbis is a top-notch speaker, brought to you by Thonet & Vander, that quite simply blows out the competition in its price range. This is a speaker that offers audio quality to please the most ruthless of audiophiles, is rugged enough to withstand the clumsiest of users and offers a clean, gorgeous aesthetic -- complete with a distinctive yellow pop -- that makes it an item of design envy.

This is a speaker that is designed to complement your existing media devices, and serve as the focal point of audio for your home studio and home entertainment system.

The litmus test of any speaker is how it handles varying frequencies, and the Kurbis offers discernible highs, crystal-clear mids and well-rounded bass to make for a fabulous listening experience. This speaker is equipped with a range of technologies that allow it to create a sound so rich, clear and precise that you'll never want to switch it off. Bass Reflex Sound enhances sound emitted from the rear of the diaphragm, improving low frequency performance. A proprietary Antimagnetic Shield isolates and expels external interference, allowing for the purest sound flow possible. Meanwhile, the High Density Acoustic Absorber prevents unwanted vibration and sound leakage, allowing for accurate performance.

In sum, Thonet & Vander has hit it out of the park with the Kurbis, a speaker that seamlessly blends the highest quality of audio engineering with easy-to-use connectivity features and an elegant, modern design