This Bionic Arm is a Muscle-Controlled Prosthetic Limb

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: popsci & fastcoexist
Angel Giuffria wears this bionic prosthetic limb called Bebionic3 to conduct daily activities that even include tasks like playing the piano.

The Bebionic3 has high-tech features that allow Giuffria to move each finger individually and determine the pace at which the arm and hand move. The wrist has the ability to move on a 360-degree rotational spin.The bionic arm is controlled by myoelectric, which mean it is a muscle-controlled prosthetic limb. Using electrical signals that are attached to the limb and Giuffria's brain, it is controlled the same as any other limb on Giuffria's body.

Giuffria is a self-acclaimed "bionic actress and congenital amputee." She was born without an arm and has used prosthetic limbs her whole life, but the recent introduction of the Bebionic3 bionic prosthetic limb has proven to be extremely helpful for her.