This Gadget Turns Your Phone's Camera Flash into a Functional Light

 - Jul 23, 2015
References: fredandfriends & gizmodo
The 'Travelamp' is a lightweight silicone device that uses your phone's camera flash to create a functional light. While the flash function on most mobile cameras can be extremely bright, this tiny gadget channels that energy into a handy bedside nightlight.

The Travelamp is made from flexible silicone rubber and comes in the shape of a lamp or a lantern. To use the device, simply strap it on to your smartphone and position it directly over top of your camera lens. The device will diffuse the flash from your camera and create a soft, luminous glow that allows you to use it as a functional light. If you need to use your phone, the silicone strap easily slides off.

With its flexible and lightweight design, the Travelamp is a great tool for traveling or as a handy bedside nightlight.