The 'Digestive Car' is Fueled by Methane from the Stomachs of Cows

 - Jul 15, 2015
References: yiwentseng & psfk
The 'Digestive Car' is a concept for a revolutionary vehicle, which would be fueled by methane gas. Compared to other animals, cows expel a significant amount of methane from their bodies. This noxious gas is one of the world's most dangerous byproducts and has significantly contributed to global warming.

YiWen Tseng has found a way to make better use of methane by harnessing it as the fuel for a vehicle called the Digestive Car. The design for the new car calls for four 3D-printed cow stomachs to be fixed to each vehicle. Each of these stomachs would serve a different purpose in turning methane into a useful form of fuel. After passing through each chamber, the methane gas would reach the front of the vehicle and power the engine. Because methane is consumed only as needed, there is no need for a storage tank of any kind.

Currently the design for the Digestive Car is just a concept. However, the idea of a vehicle fueled by methane is certainly a step forward in thinking about creative ways to address global warming.