This Infographic Envisions Classroom Technology in 2025

 - Jul 7, 2015
References: bigthink
This infographic offers a comprehensive evolutionary look at classroom technology starting 10 years in the year 2005 and looking forward to 2025.

The chart shows the beginnings of the connected classroom in the early 2000s, when things like overhead projectors and interactive whiteboards began making an appearance in classrooms. The Internet and the likes of YouTube began to become increasingly common in classrooms in those years and the ones that followed.

Students these days enjoy more classroom technology than ever before, with smartphones and educational apps increasingly common. According to the infographic, by the year 2025 classroom technologies adopted will include virtual reality and full digitization of learning materials. Given the anticipated importance of virtual reality in the years to come, it makes good sense for classroom technology to begin exposing students to these media whilst still in school.