From Social Shopping Pop-Ups to Interactive Golf Stores

 - Jul 18, 2015
Crowdsourced delivery services, businesses for outsourcing a break-up and umbrella vending machines are just a few of the most ambitious new ventures in the top July 2015 business ideas. As well as satisfying the consumer need for novel, experiential events with a purpose, these new business ventures also make the task of getting through daily life just that much easier. Pimkie International's Mini Fashion Bar is a great example of this, providing hotel guests with a closet full of clothing, just like drinks inside of an in-suite bar.

Inspired by the cat cafe craze and the Internet's fascination with odd animals, the UK will soon be host to a Blobfish Cafe, where patrons will be able to get up close with the creatures that have been dubbed "world's ugly animal."

Whether for the purpose of driving sales or increasing interaction, these top business ideas succeed at inspiring brand engagement and excitement.