This Software Makes Consumers Reconsider Items They Didn't Buy

 - Jun 28, 2015
References: facebook & businessinsider
UK-bases startup 'Yieldify' is now producing a revolutionary software that sends personalized email advertisements to consumers after they visit a retail website. According to Yieldify, 80 percent of people who add items to their online shopping cart don't actually proceed to the checkout. Yieldify wants to grab the attention of these consumers by causing them to reconsider items they chose not to purchase.

The software works by tracking a user's online actions and recording the items they are looking at. The software will then display deals and limited-time offers in the pop ups. If the user leaves the website without purchasing anything, the software will then send them personalized email advertisements about the items they did not buy. The idea is to get consumers thinking about what items they chose not to purchase and ultimately encouraging them to return to the website.

Yieldify can ultimately help brands and online retailers convert visitors into customers, thereby enabling companies to better understand customer intent.