From Targeted Gum Promotions to Bar-Locating Billboards

 - Jan 6, 2016
The past few years have seen location-based advertising become more passive and more prevalent in our daily lives. Instead of relying on active check-ins, new technology has made it possible for advertisers to target specific consumers nearly anywhere. From responsive billboards to beacon-based promotions, location-specific technology has made hyper-targeted advertising easier than ever.

In order to target a more broad audience, companies can use responsive technology to tailor their ads to a specific demographic. This can involve providing directions to the nearest retail outlet or offering specific discounts based on changing weather conditions. The idea is that the location of the ad determines exactly what information will be shown to those passing by.

A more personalized approach to location-specific advertising involves use of beacons. For example, some companies use Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to send consumers specific promotions directly to their smartphone when they are in the vicinity of a new product. Another tactic is to attach computer chips to flyers and then tether these chips to specific billboards.