'Do You Even List' is a Tool to Track and Score Your Twitter Page

 - Jun 27, 2015
References: doyouevenlistrlhamlet & thenextweb
Carl Hamlet designed this Twitter-tracking tool called 'Do You Even List' to help users track their activity on social media. It also compiles a list of people who you most interact with via this social media platform.

This handy tool refreshes each day to keep your information current and up-to-date. The cleverly designed scoring system is a bit of an ego-booster for those who pride themselves on their Twitter skills. This can especially be helpful for marketers or businesses who would like to increase their social media traction and interaction.

The app simply reads through your recent tweets and creates a list; it does not create posts or store personal data due to the daily refresh feature. This fun app can be used as a personal tool or as a useful business resource.