This Multifunctional Suitcase Keeps Your Belongings Safe and Secure

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
'Planet Traveler USA' has designed a multifunctional suitcase that comes equipped with a multitude of high-tech features. Designed to meet all of your travel needs, the 'Space Case 1' includes GPS, biometric locks, a lift-less weighing system, a power bank, motion sensors, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, anti-theft alerts and an accompany smartphone app.

To use the multifunctional suitcase you first need to run your finger over the biometric scanner or scan your fingers through the mobile app. Once you've packed your suitcase, you can use the built-in weighing system to ensure you haven't gone over the allotted weight limit. The luggage is even equipped with two USB charging ports so you can keep your devices powered up while you're waiting at the airport.

Designed for maximum utility and convenience, the 'Space Case 1' is the most advanced suitcase available on the market.