MOTI Helps People Solidify Good Habits for Meaningful Monitoring

 - Mar 26, 2015
References: & fastcoexist
Wearable technology has reached a point that enables people to track and monitor just about any behavior; yet good habits aren't born strictly from that. People not only need to put into practice the actions they want to keep up, but also reinforce it in a positive way. MOTI is a set of adorable robots that help form and keep good habits.

Founded by Kayla Matheus, the MOTI robots emit happy sounds and lights when people push the button after engaging in one of their good habits -- whether that's cooking a meal, getting up earlier or going out for a run. A visual cue as much as anything else, when a person glances at their MOTI, they'll be reminded to practice the good habits they wish to form and solidify.