Helps You Create Drone-Free Airspace Above Your Home

 - Feb 11, 2015
References: & gizmag is a website that helps people sign up to create drone-free zones in the airspace over their homes. While drones offer a wide variety of exciting commercial and socially good applications, they also bring with them compelling questions about privacy and personal security. NoFlyZone helps people take the alleviation of such concerns into their own hands.

NoFlyZone works pretty simply -- users visit the website and enter their home address and some basic information. Data is then processed by a database, which registers the user's address and GPS coordinates. The information is then shared with drone manufacturers, who can create geo-fences around registered homes, preventing their drones from flying over registered properties.

As someone who is both enthused by the applications of drones and concerned by the obvious privacy breaches that they can commit, I think NoFlyZone is a great initiative and there may even be a time when multiple similar services crop up.