The Tokyo Smart Wheel Would Be an Automatic Guide for Tourists in Japan

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: setareh-shamdani & tuvie
The Segway tours that are offered to the tourists of many of the world's most-visited cities will look a little old-school when compared to this unicycle segway concept. Called the Tokyo Smart Wheel, this cutting-edge conveyance would give travelers a hands-free ride around a chaotic metropolis by delivering them directly to each desired sight.

Designers Filippo Del Carlo, Setareh Shamdani and Hsin-Hua Yu have come up with an interactive interface in the form of a smart bracelet. Communicating commands and information through projections on the rider's arm, the device would enable browsing by destination to discover the best food, drinks, gardens, museums and more. The hi-tech scooter would self-program a route based on the tourist's preferences, guiding him or her along a logical path. The unicycle segway would requite weight-shifting to make turns, but the system would create haptic feedback for the rider's direction.