The Lutz Pathfinder is Designed to Transport Members Of the Public

 - Sep 24, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Lutz Pathfinder is a cute-little pod shaped vehicle that was recently unveiled to the good residents of Milton Keynes in the UK yesterday. This vehicle is capable of seating two people, and will initially be trialed as a way to transport members of the public around town by a driver. Eventually however, it is hoped that the vehicle will be able to function in an autonomous manner.

Initially, the Lutz Pathfinder will be driven around manually in the environment it is likely to be used in the most, so that it can learn and map out the environment. After a period of time, it will then begin to operate autonomously with a maximum speed of 24 km/h.

Trained operators are being seated at the control panels of the pods for the time being, so they can jump in and take control if autonomous functioning fails.