VW Uniblock Concept Car Connects in Multiples for Big Open-Plan Interiors

The first wonderful thing about the VW Uniblock concept car is that it's autonomous, enabling you to jump inside and let the futuristic vehicle worry about how to get you from point A to point B. The second thing that makes Jungu Lee's personal project so interesting is that the automobile can link together with up to two other like automobiles to accommodate more people and cater to very different driving scenarios.

A single rectangular model can comfortably fit two people and it's ideal for navigating traffic in the urban environment. Magnetically connect one or two others and the wheels will rotate for a seemingly sideways drive. The interior makeup of the VW Uniblock concept car is particularly clever. Comprising rearrangeable cubes, the inside can form chairs, couches, loungers and beds so that passengers can watch movies, socialize and even sleep on commutes or camping trips.