This Smart Ocean Buoy Detects Sharks and Alerts Lifeguards on the Beach

On the news you'll occasionally hear stories of people losing limbs or their lives as a result of a shark attack, but little seems to be done when it comes to preventing more of these attacks from happening in the future—Optus, Google and Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) believe that smart ocean buoys are the solution to this.

Since people love swimming and sharks can only occupy the water, these three groups teamed up to develop the Clever Buoy in order to make it easier to detect the presence of sharks. The smart ocean technology serves to keep both beach-goers and sharks protected, using sonar returns to identify approaching sharks underwater. When a shark has been detected at a close range, the buoy is able to send a message in real-time through the Optus Network to the lifeguards on shore.

Defenses against these sea predators have changed little over the last few decades, but the Clever Buoy is one that is efficient, economical and above all else, humane.