The Shark Café Aquatic Camera Tracks the Movement and Behaviors of Sharks

 - Jun 28, 2016
References: articles.latimes & mentalfloss
To help scientists better understand the behaviors and movements of underwater predators such as sharks, scientists at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute have put together the Shark Café aquatic camera that clips onto the sea creature's fin. The camera acts as a video capturing system as well as a sensor to help researchers learn more about sharks.

The camera is incredibly small and non-invasive so that sharks can swim freely, despite the device being attached to their fins. The unit is specially fitted to be able to work in incredible depths ranging to nearly 5000-feet. The camera is programmed to switch on when sharks begin their deep diving and to follow their movements. A solar powered battery allows the camera to constantly stay charged thanks to the rays of the sun when the shark is close to the surface.