From Wood-Made T-Shirts to Holographic Runway Shows

 - Aug 26, 2016
These August 2016 fashion trends range from wood-crafted statement tees to holographic runway presentations that fuse art, music and clothing to give guests an experience to remember.

in addition to the month's pop culture-themed streetwear lines and sneaker collections, other standouts include runway presentations that go beyond clothing to address social, political and cultural issues. Additionally, fashion oddities are also gaining praise this month with more embracing quirky accessories like wearable dragon tails, patterned mermaid tights and even cat-carrying hoodies that are designed to transport one's pet.

Some other notable August 2016 fashion trends include niche neckwear accessories like bullet-proof and paparazzi-deterring scarves. These examples are style-conscious while addressing the safety and privacy concerns of those wearing them.