This New Converse Shoe's Patterns Are Inspired By Ink-Floating Art

 - Jul 14, 2016
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Suminagashi is a beautiful new Converse shoe that is designed to celebrate and pay tribute to the centuries-old Japanese art technique of Suminagashi, or ink floating.

The technique was used by 12th century Shinto priests to create gorgeous images mimicking natural wonders, and it quickly spread around the world and evolved over time. This new Converse shoe happens to boast the sorts of patterns that are fully evocative of 1960s and 1970s appropriations of Suminagashi on psychedelic clothing and art. As a result, this shoe features swirling, marble-inspired patterns on the upper as well as rubberized polka dots.

This new Converse shoe brilliantly takes an age-old Asian art technique and uses it to decorarate a modern urban sneaker.