These Traditional Headdresses Make a Political Statement

 - Jul 10, 2016
References: apracticestudio & dezeen
Beirut-based architect Salim al-Kadi has re-imagined the 'Keffiyeh' and made it much stronger.

Keffiyehs are traditional Middle-Eastern headdresses that provide protection from the sun, dust and sand in the hot climate of the Middle-East. The one designed by Salim al-Kadi is made from Kevlar -- a material that is used when making bulletproof clothing items including vests. The para-aramid synthetic fiber is also used to create sportswear and musical instruments due to its durability and strength. The designer created the 'K29 Keffiyeh' as a symbol of today's "contemporary landscape," with war and politics causing strife in parts of the region.

This bullet-resistant headdress design is gender-neutral and its political statement makes it both functional and artistic.