The Pink Stan Smith Primeknits Modernize the adidas Classic Model

adidas updated one of its classic models with a new pink Stan Smith Primeknit. When considering the popularity of the brand's all-white sneakers, designers sought out a way to modernize the theme for consumers looking to subtly diversify their looks.

The resulting look is minimalist, featuring an all-over light pink colorway that extends to its sole and laces for a continuous flow. The soft Primeknit design adds to its monochromatic look by supplying the sneakers with a soft texture and simultaneously gives it more breathability.

The company's logo is largely excluded from the design in comparison to many of its other models, with the adidas brand name imprinted on the side of the sole. The pink Stan Smith's are as comfortable as they are stylish, with the textile lining and flexible material making it the perfect casual sneaker.