The Flyte Socks Come in Groups of Three Incase One Is Lost

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: flytesocks & mentalfloss
It is no picnic when a sock goes missing, especially if finding an extra sock to match can be difficult when the pair opts for a special design or pattern. That is where the brand Flyte Socks comes in, offering consumers unisex socks constructed out of bamboo fibres in sets of three, so there is always an extra one in case one happens to go missing.

Flyte Socks is a company based in Toronto that offers technicolor and eccentric dress sock designs in an array of bright hues, patterns and styles. Since the socks are so unique, losing one would render the other obsolete. This is why the brand offers a set of three socks with each design, in the hopes that if one is lost in the laundry or otherwise the pair can still be worn.