'The Incorporated' Takes Vintage Cues in Its Vibrant Circus Series

Seattle clothing brand 'The Incorporated' makes itself clear with the statement "If you don't stand for anything, don't stand in our clothing." The pieces put out by the brand are known for dramatic styles that don't shy away from interesting cuts or color -- a theme that's especially implemented in its recent 'DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL' collection.

The Incorporated styles the pieces with graphic prints and retro cuts, with oversized jeans, jackets, hoodies and tees giving the collection a street style look. While all the pieces honor past skate-inspired styles, DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL shows a clear vintage influence with its track pants that feature a bright stripe going up the legs. Additionally, The Incorporated's collection includes a number of flannels and accessories, as well as a pair of soft white overalls that sport the line's title on its colored straps.