The Shark in Lake Ontario Video is Only a Prankvertisement for Shark Week

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: torontosun & thestar
With news of a shark in Lake Ontario, everybody is freaking out, just as intended for this Discovery Channel Shark Week campaign. Even though it's totally impossible to find a bull shark off the coast off of Canada's Wolfe Island, as YouTube's "Fisher86" did, it still generated tons of questions and concerns. Like any good video of a creature sighting, the video is shaky and it's hard to really be sure if what you're looking at is a shark, but there is a very distinct gray fin that's not very dolphin-like.

The video has been confirmed a hoax and in a statement by Discovery, reiterating that "Discovery wants to quell the concerns of Canadians everywhere and reveal that the widely-circulated video of a shark swimming in Lake Ontario is, in fact, not a real shark," but you have to admit it probably does get you amped and maybe a little scared for Shark Week.