This Shark Survival Kit Uses a Chemical to Disorient Oncoming Predators

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: bestglide & thisiswhyimbroke
Frequent ocean swimmers fearful of oncoming sharks should invest in the BCB shark survival kit that helps to ward off predators with a disorienting green chemical.

The BCB Shark Repellant is an innovative chemical compound that can be quickly opened to release a thick dye into the ocean water. The dye makes the water cloudy causing sharks to feel disoriented and lose their sense of direction. This gives you enough time to safely swim away unharmed. The substance comes in a convenient squeezable foil package so swimmers and divers can squirt the liquid into the water within seconds. The pouch also has a cord attachment so you can keep it on your person at all time. This innovative product is used widely by divers and swimmers all around the world and it's a great survival item to keep on hand just in case.