The Heartseat by Johan and Elvira

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: & xoggy
Those who don't necessarily like to wear their heart on their sleeve may be more willing to display it in their home with this playful romantic seating. An adorable piece of furniture, it is shaped just like an oversized heart. To take on the shape of a love seat, the bottom half of the appropriately dubbed Heartseat flops over and in for a comfy perch.

Designed by Johan Leemkuil and Elvira van Bochove, the playful romantic seating is made up of a lovely floral pattern that appears to be a field of abstract tulips. Bright red and more subdued green creates a dynamic look that complements the curvaceous form of this playful romantic seating. The Heartseat is also available in simple white with a wooden back.