The Moynat La Malle Macaron Trunk is Fit for the Chic Dessert

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: moynat & refinery29
The Moynat La Malle Macaron Trunk is a custom carrier for one of the classiest confections on the planet earth. Since it comes from the French culture, that last bit should come as no surprise, though some may dispute. Yet someone considered it so much so that a specialized luxury case was created just for these sweet treats.

Part of the brand's Un Voyage Historic Trunk collection, the Moynat La Malle Macaron Trunk "showcases a perfect harmony between French gastronomy and fine French trunk-making," as written on its website. Made out of red leather, it opens up almost like a makeup case. It could easily be mistaken for one even when the colorful desserts are revealed inside. It can store over 200 macarons, making it perfect for parties.