Sugar and Cloth Turns a Regular Glass into a Tantalizing Treat

 - May 1, 2014
References: sugarandcloth
The joy of Caesars and candy meet in this delicious concoction of speckled drinking glasses by Sugar and Cloth. Ashley has outdone herself this time, turning the average glass into a dessert ordeal.

To make the glasses, pick up some sprinkles of your color choosing, icing and a stick for scooping up any messy bits. Make the icing in a wide-mouthed container, then dip the glasses in head first, just like you would when applying celery salt to a Caesar. After the icing sugar has been applied, simply dunk the same end of the glass in sprinkles and you’re done. Obviously, one has to be careful when pouring the drink of choice into the glass so as not to wash away the sprinkles, but other than that it’s all quite straightforward.