The Playfully Sway the Sweet Pony to Stamp Out Scrumptious Cookies

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: ototodesign
The process of baking biscuits is enjoyable enough, but just imagine using the Sweet Pony with your kids. This is an utterly endearing cookie cutter that does not actually resemble one upon initial observation; the Ototo Design product looks like a plastic toy as the shrunk-down version of a rocking horse. The idea is that you treat it as such and gently push it to and fro.

When you move it back and forth over flattened dough, the playful implement will stamp a rounded edging pattern into the shape of a rectangle. Cut out each sugar cookie successfully by ensuring that you've made the Sweet Pony oscillate as far forwards and backwards as possible. The impression of a heart will also be imprinted in your delectable desserts with the pressure that you and your children cheerfully apply.