The Peter Marigold Jam Jar Shelf Makes Space by Defying Gravity

 - Jan 2, 2012
References: petermarigold & treehugger
To some, kitchen space holds more value than top real estate and that's why this innovative Peter Marigold jam jar shelf is the perfect piece for them. The work is a simple and efficient design that utilises the underside of a shelf, in effect making space on the top and unexpectedly, the bottom as well. For those who can't bear to throw away their jam jars and find themselves hoarding them in the space they don't have, this shelf is a simple way to clear up that problem.

The jars can be easily screwed on and off and filled with pickled concoctions and the like. Marigold has been the light behind many cool and efficient innovations such as benches that turn into closets, rolling arm rests and more. This Peter Marigold jam jar shelf is part of a larger shelf series for the Perimeter Art and Design Galerie in Paris.