- Jun 26, 2013
Outfitting your home with brand new furniture pieces can be quite costly to your overall budget, which is why these handy DIY shelving projects will offer you some great tips on how to manually build and decorate some practical shelves.

Adding shelving units to your interior decor is a creative way to provide practical storage space for your home, and while purchasing these items from the store is one convenient method, building them yourself serves to add a unique personal touch. From wonderfully minimalist shelves made from upcycled tree branches to bathroom vanities made from vintage suitcases, these DIY shelving projects will certainly help you save a buck or two.

A fantastic way to infuse your own customized touches into your home, these DIY shelving projects will have your furniture pieces looking like one-of-a-kind creations.

From DIY Honeycomb Shelves to Vintage Suitcase Vanities: