The DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish is a Fun Craft Project

Prehistoric beasts appear to be the latest animal obsession and people can indulge in it even further with the DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish. It is a fun project that has an even more fun result. Essentially, crafters can convert a typical T-Rex toy into a raised platter perfect for children's birthday parties and themed get-togethers.

Conceived by Gretchen of Three Little Monkeys Studio, a graphic designer and mother of three, the DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish is very easy to make. All it requires is the use of old toys and melamine plates from the toddler days, or pick up items from the local dollar store. What is great about this project is that dinosaurs are not necessary, any tall toy will do. But the DIY Dinosaur Skewers make a perfect match.