These DIY Lemon Garbage Disposal Cubes Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Clean

 - May 20, 2014
References: savvysugar & savvysugar
There is no fouler smell than garbage disposal residue sitting out in your kitchen waiting for the day it can be taken out. To combat the awful scents your garbage is cultivating, you can make these homemade lemon and rosemary garbage disposal cubes to keep your kitchen smelling super clean and fresh.

To make these DIY garbage fresheners all you need is lemon rinds, rosemary, white vinegar and an ice cube tray. The lemon rinds are roughly chopped up along with the rosemary so that they'll fit into the individual ice cube tray slots. Add vinegar instead of water to bind the rosemary and lemon together. Once these scented cubes are frozen, you can pop a few of them into your garbage bin. Watch as the vinegar, lemon and rosemary work to trap the odorous scents and replace them with refreshingly fragrant ones.